If Mama Ain't Happy...

A friend and I were talking yesterday at Deer Lake Lodge and Spa, about Self-love. The Southern phrase, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” popped into my head.  Although this can almost always bring out a chuckle, it really has very serious implications.  Because truly, a woman needs to make her own happiness a number one priority.  You will love yourself more, when you take better care of your basic needs. It’s important to nourish yourself daily with healthy activities, such as meditation, prayer, exercise, and the proper amount of sleep.

Be intentional about what you put into your body, not only because you want to look good but because you want to feel good. Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will give you energy, and make you feel and look amazing.  ALWAYS listen to your body.  When you are hungry, your body needs nutrients, not just food.  Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, to help you feel satisfied longer, and make your body stronger.

Self-love is an appreciation for oneself.  It’s being at peace at who you are and staying true to what you believe.  Self-love grows from actions that support your physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love matures you.  You begin to accept your weaknesses as well as your strengths.  You feel less need to explain away your short-comings.  You can say “no” without the guilt that sometimes wants to linger with it.  You learn to have compassion for yourself and most importantly, you find yourself more centered in your life’s purpose.

Self-love is about forgiving yourself. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  Learn from the mistake and move on.  You have to come to terms with you’re not and never will be perfect.  We, as woman can be so hard on ourselves. We tend to stand in the mirror and pick ourselves apart, pointing out every flaw we think we have.  We compare ourselves to the airbrushed, photo-shopped models and actresses in magazines and television. Older women tend to compare themselves to the younger version of themselves.  Embrace your wrinkles, embrace your grays, it has made you who you are today.   Before you can truly love yourself, you have to become comfortable with who you are right now.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to grow, it just means if you strive for perfection, you will always be disappointed.

For all you “Mama’s” out there…stay true to yourself. You are strong and you are beautiful because you are you!  Peace and Love-

K. Addis

Kelly Addis