Body Scrubs


Clay Wrap


Propel your immune system to a healthy balance, increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to aide in the detoxing process

anti aging body wrap.png

Anti-Aging Body Wrap


Anti- Aging repairs skin damage and stimulates circulation under the skin, tightens and tones, enriched with vitamin K  


Magnesium Wrap


The Magnesium Wrap is one of the quickest ways to sweat out toxins, lose extra pounds, and replenish magnesium levels in the body. Body tissues relax, pours open up to take in the vital minerals from the magnesium while sweating out the toxins, aches and pains with them.

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Seaweed Wrap


Seaweed Body Wrap is great for skin toning, relaxation and helps to eliminate toxins from your body, while removing dead skin and leaving the skin moisturized


Milk & Honey Body Wrap


Prevent the signs of aging with a natural hydrating treatment that includes a gentle, exfoliating sugar scrub, a replenishing body wrap, a scalp and foot massage and a revitalizing Vichy shower.  


Eucalyptus Salt Grow


A luxurious body scrub containing a blend of fruit, oil and mineral rich ancient sea salts for extraordinary exfoliation and maximum hydration of the skin, followed by our Vichy rain therapy and finished with an application of rejuvenating lotion


Chocolate Decadence Scrub


Gentle exfoliation using cacao, sugar, & blend of oils. Relax & enjoy, you deserve it! Experience the rare and pure treat of real chocolate, without any guilt! This scrub polishes away dull skin while leaving a delicious aroma on the skin. This unique and special body scrub is formulated with rich organic, amazing, butters that soften and leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft and renewed


Tropical Island Scrub


Uncover smooth, glowing skin with a gentle exfoliation from raw coconut sugar and tropical oils enjoy a rich body butter application with your choice of scent mango/coconut to lock in moisture and soften skin


Dry Brushing

20 Minutes / $50

Unclogging skin doesn’t just eliminate dead cells but also encourages the body’s discharge of metabolic wastes and other things excreted through perspiration.


Vichy Shower

Complement to all massages, wraps and scrubs, or as a stand-alone therapeutic treatment. The Vichy shower aids in lymphatic circulation, which allows the immune system to function efficiently. As the showers massage, they stimulate circulation in the body, encouraging the transportation of fluids and blood components to the lymph nodes and back to the heart. This process detoxifies the body, helping it fight infection and assist to eliminate the negative effects of lymphatic blockage, which include migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, acne and cellulite.




The infrared heat penetrates the body tissues promoting their relaxation and speeding up blood circulation, lymph drainage and metabolism. The body tissues relax and pores open up to take in the vital minerals from the products while sweating out the toxins, aches and pains with them. Helps with weight loss