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The woods are calling… and I must go.

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What do urban gardens, the home canning craze, the resurgence of vinyl records and the renewed popularity of old-timey crafts have in common? They’re all ways of addressing the same issue: rushed modern life. Boiling farm-fresh berries on your stovetop for jam lets you experience the satisfaction of producing something for yourself that you would normally buy in a store. Knitting a scarf during your train commute helps you savor a sliver of time in your day that would otherwise be a chore. But crafts and cooking aren’t the only ways to access slow living — you can begin today with a practice as simple as looking up and noticing the clouds.


A better question might be: Why on Earth are we trying to go so fast? There’s no need to move at a snail’s pace, but slowing down enough to move through your day with purpose helps calm frazzled nerves, make more personal connections and, paradoxically, allow you to feel you have more time than when you’re rushing around.

The Roots of Slow Living

The slow-living phenomenon has its roots in the Slow Food movement, started by Carlo Petrini in the 1980s in Italy. Favoring mindful eating and conversation rather than what had become the norm — gulping down food and racing back to work — Slow Food aims to provide an antidote to fast food. Slow living is an expansion of this simple idea of slowing down enough to enjoy your life, from how you eat your meals to the way you get to work to how you spend your free time.

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