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Now is the time to fully awaken to your true potential. This one-on-one meeting with renowned coach, Honor Godin, is an opportunity for all those who desire to master all areas of their life.

Honor’s system of coaching is based on the philosophy of your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength. Rather than running from or feeling guilt and shame about what’s currently happening in your life you receive the tools of personal alchemy to transmute your weakness to strength. This technology used doesn’t just release your limiting pattern the pattern is actually transmuted into your new personal empowering pattern. These tools once embodied are replicable again and again as you develop your own Inner Coach. Your own Inner Coach is loving, supportive and all ways there with you as you continually manifest higher and higher levels of love and enthusiasm in your life. This profound method is available in private sessions done either in person at DLL or remote over phone or Skype.

Honor offers the following services:

Bio-Optic Holography sessions: Your eyes reveal your personal path to living your life at your fullest potential. You and Honor will sit down with pictures of your eyes and you will see and remember your own inherent strengths. You will learn that the path of “Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength” is actually visible in your eyes. Your session also reveals how these patterns affects your overall health and well-being as well as nutritional and consciousness remedies to facilitate ease in physical, mental and spiritual planes. Sessions require eye pictures and can be done remotely or at Deer Lake Lodge.

One on one Life-Facilitation sessions: Facilitate means to make easy. Are there areas in your life you are struggling repeating the same patterns over and over. Then you can now experience a new replacement pattern of empowerment. Honor will discover with you what your pattern is really telling you and assist you with identifying your reversal (massive upgrade). Sessions can be done either remotely or in-person at DLL when Honor is available.

Sacred Body Language Translations: Has your body been sending you signals (symptoms) to get your attention? Have you tried other modalities with little to no results? Discover what the attention getting red flag signals are really telling you and return your body, mind and spirit to ease. Sessions can be done either remotely or in-person at DLL when Honor is available.

Honor daily practices all of these self-coaching systems in her life. She is in committed state of self-renewing and upgrading in her own consciousness. She has transmuted her own patterns of substance and health issues and will share upon request. She is a Mastery Systems Life Coach, Bio-Optic Holographer, and Sacred Body Language Translator. She leads workshops for individuals and corporations and coaches people from all walks of life.

Truth is Truth and Truth will set you free.