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thumbs_photo_mg_1446Upon arrival at Deer Lake Lodge, you are encouraged to fill your water bottle with lemon water. During the entirety of your stay with us, you’ll be drinking liquids throughout the day until bedtime. Our program utilizes herbal teas, supplements, organic vegetable juices and a daily vegetable-based soup to encourage the elimination process.
thumbs_photo_CK_P1011470In addition to colon hydrotherapy (colonics), we have developed many spa and wellness treatments to enhance the detox effects of our fasting and cleansing program. These treatments stimulate elimination, getting your body to operate more efficiently.
  • Book a colonic every day to remove the toxic build-up in your colon as quickly as you can.
  • Book a scrub or a wrap when you arrive and just before you depart. The scrub or wrap will remove dead cells and unclog the pores of the skin, i.e. the largest organ of elimination in the body.
  • Book a massage. Massages, or any of our Holistic Rituals, stimulate muscles and tissues and carry healing properties into every layer of the body.
  • A Magnesium wrap and infrared sauna will deepen your cleanse. You will see the difference in your colonic releases.
    Meditate and walk each morning at sunrise so you can relax and breathe.


We recommend you consider your current lifestyle. Changes have to be made to have a healthier you. The classes at Deer Lake Lodge & Spa are very important to your overall health and cleansing.

There are four kinds of classes available to you and each of them is important:

CLASSES – Deer Lake Lodge & Spa classes are an amazing part of your stay. Please experience as much as possible during your stay. Arriving at Deer Lake Lodge & Spa with an open mind will be your best approach.

THE LIFE ENHANCEMENT CONSULTANT CLASSES – These will provide the opportunity to explore acupuncture, chakra balancing, energy healing, biofeedback, sound therapy and breath work. Attending the group classes will help you decide which private one-on-one class you would like to book.

EXERCISE CLASSES DAILY SUCH AS YOGA – Daily movement classes, such as yoga, open body and mind simultaneously. Meditation is so important to clear your mind.

OTHER CLASSES – Orientation is where you are guided through the cleansing program and given a tour through the property.

Complimentary additions to the Deer Lake Lodge & Spa Program will enhance the cleansing of your system.

TAKE AN INFRARED SAUNA FOR 15-30 MIN EACH DAY: Prepare your skin by dry brushing your entire body. When you are finished, take a cold shower in your room. Your system will get wonderful results from this combination of contrast flushing.

DAILY YOGA CLASSES: Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. When you perform stretches this ensures each major muscle group gets some attention, especially if you use a particular muscle group often.

JACUZZI – According to the medical website,, sitting in a Jacuzzi for a period of time has a number of benefits, both physical and mental. The Jacuzzi reduces stress, eases muscle pain and improves circulation.

Rise early to sit and practice quiet, deep breathing or simply walk the property as you breathe in the wooded air and release the toxins. Find “your place” on the property to be alone and search inward, allowing thoughts to surface and float away.

Choose from breath work, shamanic/energy work, sound therapy, biofeedback, iridology, naturopathy or acupuncture. Choose as many Life Enhancement Consultant classes that you connect with and feel comfortable with. After exploring the classes consider booking a private session to do individual work with the Life Enhancement Consultant.

Get a full detox in just a couple of days!


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