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Here’s a great article from regarding if your brain is working against your waistline:

Before you go any further, process this fact; only 5 percent of overweight people who diet and lose weight actually keep it off long term, meaning for more than 5 years. So why keep doing something that we know is failing? Trust me, I battle with this daily, trying to understand why Americans can’t see that if you must keep repeating the process, the problem is not fixed!
There are many reasons for this failure. The biggest is not in the physical; it’s in the mental. What’s in your head may be the cause behind your growing waistline. As soon as you begin thinking about dieting, the body begins protecting itself from the deprivation it suffered through during previous diets. Depending on which attempt you’re on, the second or the 10th, your body bases its reaction on the combined effects of them all.

If you look back, you may recognize that each time you diet, your ability to stay on it is more difficult. Just the fact that you must keep dieting is a sign that it’s not working!

Yes, sadly it’s our own brains strategizing against us. Face it, you never wake up one morning and decide that day is the start of your new paleo or low carbohydrate diet. No, you listen to friends, research articles on the internet, fight with yourself over and over about which is the best for you and, ultimately, which one will yield the quickest results so you can get back to your normal life again. Dieting means that, at some point, you must go back to your previous unhealthy lifestyle. Your subconscious mind remembers the stress put on your body and wants to protect itself from self-inflicted lack of calories, lack of nutrients, pain and the misery of depravation. Yes, admit it, sometimes you starved or undernourished your body by limiting calories or certain macronutrients like fats and healthy carbohydrates because you lump all fats and carbohydrates into the “bad”category. The fact is both are necessary for life and optimal health. You just need to understand which ones are good and which ones are bad. You may have even over-exercised while malnourishing your body at the same time.

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