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MarketvegetablesI would like to introduce a friend of mine, Rebecca Maglionico. I have asked her to share with us, a personal family experience, with Cancer and an alkaline diet.

Thank you, Anya, for allowing me to share today how incredibly powerful PH levels in our bodies can be.

I would like to start by saying, I have lost many friends and family to Cancer (including the most devastating, my mom when I was 23, she was 53). So I’m sure you can imagine my debilitating fear when my older brother tried to lighten the blow of his cancer diagnosis.

When my brother was 38 he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and was told he probably wouldn’t survive it. The doctors were shocked to find someone his age with this type of Cancer. With traditional treatment including Chemotherapy, radiation and having part of his colon removed, he did in fact beat Colon Cancer. He has said, healing from the “treatment” was more excruciating than the actual Cancer.

One year later, Cancer appeared in his scan again. This time, it was a tumor on his back that metastasized to his spine, and was weaving into his spinal column toward his brain. Along with this Cancer he also had Squamous Cell Carcinoma. More concerning was the rapid growing Cancer in his spine. There was no way to operate on it, and he would have had terrible symptoms when it reached his brain including: Seizures, Loss of balance or trouble walking, Vision/hearing or speech problems, Headaches that go away after vomiting. The doctors told him to go home and be with his family, there was nothing that could be done.


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