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Great article by regarding how sugar and alcohol affects your health and how your body reacts without using it:

256px-Sugar_2xmacroWe live in a world where added sugar seems to exist in almost everything we eat. We also live in a world where the consumption of alcohol is not only common, but widely celebrated.

With that being the case, for most of us it’s hard to imagine going even a single day without consuming at least one of these two addictive items. What if we were asked to go without them for an entire month?

That’s the challenge that Sacha Harland of embarked upon in hopes of determining how much of an effect this dietary change would have on his physical and mental well-being. To help quantify these differences, Sacha visited a local sports physician both before and after the experiment to get his reading on several key measures of wellness, including, but not limited to: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.


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