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Questions Concerning your Cleansing Project

Holistic health is in the spotlight and we agree BODY, MIND and SPIRIT must be in balance to live optimally. But it is the synergistic action of everything working together that makes the Deer Lake Lodge & Spa program so valuable. It all complements each other and you get great results quickly!

In four days, your life can change. The cleansing may be physical, but the results are profound. People may come to Deer Lake Lodge & Spa to get healthier or lose weight, but they leave with a renewed sense of energy and enlightenment. When your body is relieved from the burden of digestion, it transfers elimination mode. This usually occurs within first 24 hours.

Our guests lose an average of one to three pounds per day, depending on their individual metabolisms. (Men often lose more quickly.) While not designed for weight loss, the release of toxic waste and the effect on your metabolism stimulates weight loss. The program is designed for the elimination of toxins – items that make the body feel bad.
Our Semi-fasting is a quick, powerful way to cleanse the body and help strengthen the body against illness and disease. It gives the digestive system a rest and frees energy to power-up our elimination organs and to promote healing if you are recovering from or trying to prevent illness.
Strict forms of fasting can be very hard on the system. The Deer Lake Lodge & Spa program is designed to support the vital organs and ensures that your body receives excellent nutrition and hydration.
Until your body switches to “releasing mode” you may feel hunger pangs. Drink every 30-60 minutes to satisfy the body’s need for intake. If you are still hungry, we can add another drink (remember the drinks are liquid nutrition). We customize our program to assist you with becoming a healthier you.
Typically, no. We have psychological addiction to food not just physical. So many emotions are tied to the event of eating. Usually these emotions fade after a day.

You will be drinking every 30-60 minutes from the moment you arise to the moment you go to sleep; here are some of the liquids:

  • Organic vegetable juices
  • Lemon mint water
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Vegetable soup daily
  • Barley greens, Spirulina, wheat grass, chlorophyll
  • Berry Detox and Green Tea
  • Scrub powder drink mixed with olive oil
  • Natural laxatives to regulate your body
  • Food enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Power greens
Common results upon departure at Deer Lake Lodge & Spa include: increased energy, increased mental clarity, bright eyes, clearer skin and improved sleep. People also tend to reduce their dependencies on sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and other substances which have been blocking their body from functioning at its optimal capacity.
All classes are complimentary. These include classes to provide an understanding of your digestive and cleansing system, cooking healthier, organic shopping habits, cooking healthy, creating a healthier kitchen and even selecting healthier options when dining out. Other classes are yoga and Life Enhancement Consultant classes.
Deer Lake Lodge prepares a vibrant green salad to take on the plane or eat prior to departure.
After you cleanse your body, the cravings for such things as sugars, fried foods, cigarettes and most toxic food will lessen or disappear. It becomes much easier to maintain a healthy diet. Also, you’ll be leaving Deer Lake Lodge & Spa five or more pounds lighter because of released toxins, elevated energy levels and increased stamina.
We recommend you consult with your physician. The program will not interfere with your medications or medical conditions. During the reservation process you are asked to complete a health questionnaire, assisting Deer Lake Lodge & Spa in appraising your physical condition. Get your doctor’s approval.

We recommend a pre-fast for three to four days prior to your arrival. Eat lightly – fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, vegetable juices and herbal teas. Take two tablespoons of olive oil prior to bedtime, drink eight oz. of prune juice or eat prunes or herbal laxative or laxative teas nightly.

AVOID: Potatoes, bananas, all grains, nuts, pasta, meat, cheese, dairy, any white flour products, processed food and eliminate caffeine and alcohol.

The body’s ability to eliminate and maintain proper balance can be disrupted through problems and negative patterning. The Deer Lake Lodge & Spa program offers a variety of classes and experiences directed at balancing the mind, psyche and spirit including:

Life Enhancement Consultants, focusing on diet, energy, health, spirit and other classes, and are available to book private personalized sessions to help you work on your own issues.

Yoga classes open your energy and elevate your spirit by gentle stretching and assuming postures.

Meditation is achieved in a variety of ways, including the use of sound and deep breathing to quiet the mind.

Breath work – an ancient method of breathing deeply, moving beyond the ego and reaching a place of clarity.

The Spa and Treatments

There are a number of Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments included in your package. The other spa treatments can be booked à la carte.

Yes. We offer a number of signature treatments:

  • Magnesium Cleansing Wrap – be sure to have a colonic within four to six hours afterwards.
  • System Recovery Cleanse

Check our Spa/Treatment brochure or click on Treatments to get a complete listing of the more than 50 services available to you while you are with us.

Yes. Our Guest Services can recommend the right kind of treatments to make your spa visit successful for you.

Cleansing, Juicing, Fasting & Colonics

Deer Lake Lodge & Spa will provide you with the opportunity to unwind, reconnect, de-stress, learn more about your body and lose a few pounds. Maybe you are recovering from an illness or reducing symptoms that plague you, or your body just is not functioning as it should. The world we live in pollutes our bodies with toxins daily. A properly functioning system normally eliminates these toxins. Otherwise, toxins build up. Fasting, juicing and colonic treatments are the perfect ways to cleanse your system.

The Deer Lake Lodge & Spa Program provides you with an all-liquid diet over the length of your stay. You’ll be consuming a combination of organic vegetable juices, alkaline lemon water, nutritional supplements, therapeutic teas, and powdered plan concentrates.

These liquids hydrate your system and begin to loosen the build-up which has accumulated in the tissues and organs of the body. Your hydrated colon will then kick into high elimination mode. If you need extra help, we have colonics scheduled into the program to complement the colon’s activities. Colon hydrotherapy (called colonics) is a safe and effective measure for softening, dislodging and releasing debris from the colon.

At your orientation class, you’ll learn about the carefully designed drinks and will be taught to make them at our self-serve Fasting Lounge.

During your fast you could experience some discomfort, nausea, headaches and body aches. Each person is different and will experience different symptoms. This is normal and is a sign that you are beginning to let go of the toxins that have affected you on many levels.

Whatever you experience during the fast, tell us. We want to help by giving you information or even a supplement that is right for your symptoms. Allow us to assist you. Our goal is to help you on your cleansing journey.

Perhaps you have never experienced a colonic and you are nervous about getting a colonic. Allow us to explain why we use colonics and what colonics are. Once the toxic waste is dissolved by the liquid nutrition, the toxic waste is dumped into the intestine. Colon hydrotherapy is the most effective way to get the poisons out of your body, and do it quickly.

The procedure is very clinical. Our therapists are I-ACT Top Level Certified as well as Nationally Certified as Colon Hydrotherapist. They are happy to educate you on the process. But here is a step-by-step example of exactly what will happen when you experience your first colonic at Deer Lake Lodge:

Your therapist will greet you in the Fasting Lounge five minutes prior to the service; she then will guide you into the colonic area and will weigh you, then take you into the treatment room where the colonics will be performed.

After you have undressed from the waist down, you will lay on your side and you will cover yourself with a sheet.

Next, the therapist will select a disposable sealed speculum and tube and a very small portion of the tip of the speculum will be gently inserted into your rectum with very little discomfort.

Purified water will enter your rectum and travel to your colon as she carefully regulates the flow of purified water. This is done to loosen old hardened waste from the colon walls and wash out accumulated debris from your large intestine.

This process will be repeated several times. As the water travels back out of you and into the tube, with it will come mucus, bile and even parasites.

The procedure is not painful but if you have toxic gas you may occasionally feel some discomfort when it is released.

After the treatment, you will immediately take a Probiotic capsule which includes 50 billion other strains of good bacteria. This rebuilds your intestinal flora.

The truth is a colonic can be slightly uncomfortable the first time. However, once you have had a colonic you know exactly what to expect and you are more relaxed the second colonic that you receive.

A colonic is a procedure where purified water is administered through the rectum into the colon. This is done to cleanse and hydrate the large intestine. The procedure is not painful, but occasionally a little gas can create momentary discomfort until released. You are comfortably lying on a massage table during the treatment.

The colonics are an integral part of the program. Once the loosened toxins are dumped into your intestine, the colon hydrotherapy is the fastest way to get the poisons out of your system. To reap the full benefits of our designed program, we recommend you experience the entire program. If you insist on not having your colonics, it is your choice.