Forage with us!

Have you ever wanted to experience nature in a serene, therapeutic environment? Deer Lake Lodge is just the place, and we have the perfect event for you!


You can come learn foraging with us on February 23rd at one of the top detox spa resorts in Texas. Located on private property in Montgomery, Texas, this destination  is rich with character. Just what you need!


Due to the exclusivity of Deer Lake Spa and Resort you'll need to be "buzzed in" through the main gate. The lovely staff will buzz you in through the gates and direct you to the lobby before your adventure begins.


You will spend four hours exploring the edible and medicinal plants available on grounds and in the woods at Deer Lake Lodge. Learn more about the environment surrounding you and embark on a wonderful journey of discovery.


For more information, please visit


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Into the woods we go to lose our minds, but find our souls.. and hopefully some amazing plants along the way!

Tracy Boulware