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“Deer Lake Lodge is peaceful, calming — beautifully done. There is something very special about the place that makes you feel like you are taking the first full breath of your life. It could be the picturesque surroundings or comforting accommodations, but I think the incredible staff has everything to do with it. Everyone is like family, all genuinely nice and very accommodating. They created a special program catered to my needs, including a trip to a nearby Wolf Rescue Sanctuary. When I speak of staff, this includes the Lodge staff and experts who come in to teach classes and provide treatments. I enjoyed my time with all of them. The classes were very interesting and I came away with a ton of great information. From raw food preparation to iridology. Each treatment was five star PLUS (manicure/pedicure, body wrap, body scrub, facial) — not a one was “just the basics”. I really felt cared for and pampered at Deer Lake Lodge. The calming, comforting vibe and kind, generous people made the detox experience truly enjoyable. I miss it already and would return in a heartbeat! “

Wendy Tyler


“I went to Deer Lake Lodge and had a wonderful long weekend going through the 4 day cleanse program. I have to say that I am a foodie, a drinker, and workout a lot to try and stay thin. I went to Deer Lake Lodge just to prove to myself that I did not need food and I could do a fasting cleanse. I also wanted to try colonics to see if it would help get rid of this cellulite looking layer of fat that was on my stomach that I could not get rid of. I did also treat myself to a deep tissue massage, facial, and body scrub. The results of the whole weekend were wonderful. I looked and felt great! I wasn’t hungry at all during the whole weekend. The lodge is beautiful, the spa services fantastic, and I really enjoyed all the classes. I highly recommend this as a great getaway, rejuvenating, holistic experience.”



“I LOVE Deer Lake Lodge. You really have done an exceptional job with hiring the staff. They are passionate about their subjects and generous with their knowledge and time. I felt so well cared for and I had FUN. You were right that Yvette is very passionate about raw food, but we (all the guests) had such a good time with her and all of the instructors. I have never felt so happy and laughed so much while cleansing. I thought the classes were very informative and really practical for my everyday life. I really felt like they wanted me to succeed and to be part of their healthy community (very empowering). Also, I loved that during the classes they didn’t try to sell you on a lot of products or one-on-ones. They offered just the right amount of advice. People would ask things like “What kind of blender?” and they would respond, but weren’t trying to sell it or they would mention one-on-ones. I loved the buildings and “campus.” The cabin was really nice and I slept so well.”

Susan B, Austin TX


“My stay at Deer Lake Lodge was a wonderful learning experience. I loved the sauna and the sound therapy, as well as all the massages – especially my facial! Not only was it relaxing, but removed some fine lines from my forehead. I also enjoyed the detox program and the colon cleansing, which were new to me. It is important not to try these types of programs without supervision from a professional, as electrolyte imbalance can affect the heart and lead to further complications. Physically, I experienced a little soreness and dizziness, but I felt wonderful after I drank some Emergen-C and continued the soft and natural clean eating diet at home.

All in all it was a wonderful experience for me. Spiritually I felt whole, with a higher connection with nature. The staff was amazing. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate and learn, first hand, more about these alternative therapies.”

Brandy C


“As soon as I drove up to Deer Lake Lodge, I fell in love with it. The beautiful reclaimed wood doors at the entrance signal that you are going to experience something special; and special it is. The guest rooms are made from metal containers, in keeping with the green theme, and the decor is bright and cheery. Beyond the architecture are some amazing professionals. Pam the Colonics Director is very skilled and with her motherly southern charm, you will feel very cared for. I loved my Reiki treatment with Diane, a very intuitive therapist. Sweet Mama, April Reeder, shares her “good for you” recipes with joy and laughter! I left feeling really refreshed and can’t wait to go back!”

Kim Cadra